Who we are?

Neotravels is one of the world's leading travel meta-search engines, resonating in the corridors of the global travel industry by providing one of the most comprehensive selections of airfares, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and travel deals. We've been providing incredible experiences for a long time with our cutting-edge planned occasion bundles and other essential travel services. We inspire our clients to live a life full of incredible travel experiences.

Our mission

“Reinventing travel and the travel proposition, as well as helping people in discovering the world through travel”
Our mission is to provide our customers with premium quality service and outstanding travel experiences by carefully listening to their needs and giving unique and tailor-made solutions. We believe in creating miles of smiles as a quality purveyor of world-class travel services. Travelling is all about creating memories by visiting relatives, doing business, meeting new people, and encountering and exploring new destinations. We want to connect people to exceptional experiences through travel, allowing them to see the world from a different perspective.

Our Vision

“To be a customer-centric, All-in-one travel company.”
Be the clients' first choice, the foremost trusted, and innovative travel management company in the world in terms of quality service, inventiveness and innovation, competitiveness, social responsibility, advancing a culture of great connections, and accomplishing the most elevated client satisfaction.We aim to be the most professional and customer-responsive travel consultants in the industry by utilizing our expertise, experience, and relationships to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions to all of their travel needs.

Our Values

We are adamant about making travel personal and incorporating travel into all we do. Every brand and team member in our family is dedicated to serving you, from how we approach sustainability to personalised service and innovating in our industry. Our culture — the foundation formed of our global team's shared values, capabilities, and spirit — is firmly grounded in the execution of our plan. Making your travel experience exceptional is at the heart of all we do, thanks to our core principle of being ‘Driven by Service'.

Customer Comes First

From travel inspiration to planning, and booking, we put the fun in the funnel and use creativity and technology to provide a fantastic user experience and provide the greatest customer service.

Stand Together

When we have one other's backs and support each other, we can accomplish more, faster. We behave as a team, we win together, and we celebrate our victories.

Grow Constantly

We're forming a worldwide corporation that will have a noticeable and long-term impact on the planet. We have unreasonably lofty goals for ourselves and our business. We have a broad mindset.

Make it Happen

We complete the task. We assume responsibility and prioritise making quick decisions and sticking to them. Deadlines, goals, outcomes, and expenses are all important considerations.