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This privacy notice applies to the website This policy describes how we control, process, handle and secure your personal information while you browse or use this website, as well as your legal rights under applicable laws and regulations. You should not access or use this website if you do not agree with the terms of this policy.

Policy Summary Key Terms and Definitions:

-> Neotravels's sub-division trading name is Myfares. The corporation is referred to as "I," "our," "us," or "we."
-> The person(s) utilising this website is referred to as "you," "your," "yours," or "the user."
-> GDPR => General Data Protection Regulation Act.
-> PECR => Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation.
-> ICO => Information Commissioner's Office.
-> Small files saved on a user's computer or device are referred to as cookies.

Processing of your data

We digitally regulate any personal information about you according to rules and regulations defined by GDPR. If the legal basis for processing your data changes, we will tell you as well as any new legal basis that will be used if necessary. We will stop processing your personal data if the legal basis for doing so no longer exists. As a person, you have certain rights.
The following are your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information regarding your rights can be found here;

=> Right to Information; => Right to Access; => Right to Rectification; => Right to Data Portability; => Right to Object; => Right to Restrict Processing; => Right to Erasure; & => Right not to be profiled or subjected to automated decision-making.

We strictly observe GDPR when it comes to subject access requests, and if you feel that something is not right regarding the way we handle your personal information, you have the absolute right to file a complaint with ICO [].

We Collect the Following Personal Data:

Personal data refers to information that can be used to identify a living person. A natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly by their name, location data, identification number, or qualities related to their social, cultural, physiological, genetic, mental, or economic identity is defined as an identifiable natural person. Personal data is information that has been anonymized to the point where it cannot be used to identify a specific person.
When you use our travel services, we do gather certain personal information from you and any devices you use. Your name, phone numbers, address, email address, and financial information such as credit card numbers are all examples of personal identifying information. Any additional personal information you supply is entirely voluntary on your part, though certain of our services may need it.
We automatically collect data about your interactions with our website and correspondence with us. This is the data we gather from the devices you use to access our website. A Device ID or unique identifier, a unique device token, a device kind, or an advertising ID may be included in this information. Although most mobile devices now allow you to disable the use of your location settings in internet browsers, we may obtain location information from your mobile device as well. We also collect information about your computer and internet connection, such as page-view statistics, referral URLs, browsing history, IP addresses, and browser log information.
We collect personal information about the sites you view, the links you click, and other actions you take while using our website and services using cookies, unique identifiers, web beacons, and other similar technologies.

We Collect Personal Information from Other Sources:

We combine the personal information we gather with data we obtain from third parties and apply it to your account information. For instance, we gather and use demographic information from credit checks, extra contact information, credit bureau information, and appropriate jurisdiction, as permitted by some applicable national laws.

Social Media

You can share pages and content from our website on social media sites, and these sites may automatically share personal information with us, such as what you've liked or viewed, as well as adverts you've seen or clicked on. Unless you unsubscribe from the social media sites or revoke your consent, you agree that if you provide us access to video-containing websites, we may share your video viewing data from social media sites for at least two years.
You have control over the personal data you allow us access to through social media security settings, as well as the assent you give us after you grant us access to the personal data that the social media site has on record for you.
By linking your account on our website to your social media accounts and granting us access to your personal information, you agree that we may collect, use, and store the information we get from these social media sites in line with this privacy policy. Plugins and other social networking technology may also be used. When you use a social media plugin to click on a link, you are establishing a relationship with that social media site.
If you want to offer us personal information about someone else, you must first get their consent. You must notify the individual about how this privacy policy applies to the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of their personal information.

How We Make Use of the Personal Data We Collect:

We utilize your personal information for a variety of business objectives as well as legal requirements. The following are the ways we may use your information and the legal bases for doing so.

=> To provide our travel services to you and to facilitate the servicing of your trip booking.
=> To carry out a legally binding deal with you or to meet our legal duties.
=> Account management and payment processing are required.
=> Our services will be improved, operated, and measured.
=> Make sure the safety & security of our services.
=> Customisation of any website content.
=> To contact you about your account details.
=> To settle any disputes.
=> To troubleshoot any issues relating to your account.
=> To collect payments.
We will contact you via phone, email, SMS, or letter if we need to contact you for any of the reasons indicated above.
=> Location data will be used to provide location-based services (i.e. search results and advertising)
=> Security breaches, fraud, and other unlawful or prohibited behaviour may all be detected, prevented, mitigated, and investigated using personal information about you.
=> Some of our legitimate interests necessitate the collection and use of personal data (your rights and freedom do not outweigh these interests). We've put in place protections to guarantee that your rights are balanced against ours.

The Following are Some of Our Legitimate Concerns:

=> Improving our services, such as reviewing any information linked with crashed or delayed site pages seen by users, so that we can resolve any issues and provide you with a better online experience.
=> Using our advertising selections to personalise and improve our advertising tactics.
=> As permitted by law, we may contact you with discount offers, special promotions, or surveys.
=> Notifying you of any existing or upcoming public policy events that may affect your ability to utilise our website and services (this may include letter writing or other public campaigns related to public policy).
=> Based on your communication preferences, we'll send you particularly targeted marketing, promotional offers, and service updates.
=> Examining the open and click rates of newsletters and other email marketing programmes.
=> Our website's data and information security are being monitored and improved.
=> We may also use your personal information with your permission to send you advertisements and promotions via email, SMS, and phone calls, to send you marketing from other third parties, to personalise any third-party advertising you may see on third-party websites, to use your location to provide you with location-based services and to conduct transactions.
Please keep in mind that you have the option to withdraw your consent at any time.

Your Personal Information and Its Use: What Are Your Options? Marketing

By clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email you get, you can unsubscribe from our marketing mailings at any time. Following that, you can alter your communication preferences. Without your permission, we do not sell or share personal information with other parties for marketing reasons.


If you no longer want to participate in our advertising programmes, you may opt-out by following the instructions included with the advertisement or using the programmes described in our user cookie notice. When you opt out, personalised advertising will cease, but your personal information will continue to be collected following this privacy policy. We do not allow third-parties to gather or monitor personal information from our sites for advertising purposes if there is no content.

Methods for Accessing, Controlling, and Correcting Your Personal Information:

Any rights you have to access, modify, or delete personal information held by Myfares shall be respected. Please fill out the necessary paperwork by clicking on the contact us link below to request access and find out whether any costs are charged if permitted by applicable legislation. In cases where you have the right to access, alter, or delete your personal information, we may deny access or refuse to amend or delete it under certain circumstances, as permitted by relevant law.

On the off chance that you inquire us to halt taking care of your personal information or in case you pull back your assent for us to share your personal information for any of the purposes expressed in this privacy policy, we may not be able to offer you all of the client services and bolster that we grant to our clients.

Your personal information may be shared in the following ways:

Personal information may be disclosed to financial institution partners, third-party service providers, law enforcement or government organisations, and credit agencies or bureaus as required by law:To collaborate on services and content (i.e. customer support and transactions)
=> To assist us in detecting, preventing, and resolving any potential fraud, criminal activities, or breaches of our data security.
=> To send you targeted advertising and marketing messages.
=> To make products, services, tools, and marketing more effective.
=> To assist us in providing customer service and payment processing.
=> To provide you with financial products.
=> To ensure that we meet all of our legal obligations.
=> Responding to charges that any content infringes on other people's rights.
=> To safeguard a person's rights and safety.
=> As a result of legitimate measures taken as part of criminal investigations or affirmed illicit movement (we as it uncovered data considered significant to the examination with points of interest such as your name, address, phone number, client ID history, IP address, mail address, and any fraud complaints).
=> For information about late or missed payments that could be reflected on your credit report.
=> In order to avoid any potential financial loss or physical harm.
=> Any suspected illegal behaviour should be reported.

How long has Myfares kept your Personal Information?


The length of time we store personal information varies depending on the service we provide and our legal requirements. The following criteria impact how long your personal information is kept:

=> As long as your personal information is needed to provide our services.
=> Improving and sustaining our services' performance.
=> Maintaining the security of our website and systems.
=> Keeping all necessary financial and commercial records.
=> Sensitive personal data will have a shorter data retention period.
=> If you have given your approval for a longer length of time.
=> We are required to maintain personal information by contractual or legal responsibilities, such as obligatory data retention regulations and government demands to preserve data relevant to any investigations.
=> Personal information may be kept on file for legal reasons.
The factors listed above serve as a starting point for our data retention. We shall no longer be required to store your personal information beyond these exceptions. We will securely delete the data in accordance with our deletion and data policies.

Internet cookies

Cookies are used on this site to enhance your surfing experience. To track how you use the site, to record or log whether you've seen particular messages that we show, to keep you logged in where applicable, to show significant promotions or substance, and to refer you to a third-party site, we usually store a small content record on the hard drive of your device/computer.
We employ a cookie management system that enables you to accept cookies and manage which cookies are kept to your device or computer. Some cookies will be retained for a set amount of time, while others will be saved indefinitely. Please go to your web browser's settings for information on how to manage and delete cookies from your device.
If you need to change any of the existing personal data that we have on record for you, or in case you've got any questions concerning our privacy policies, it would be ideal if you contact us through the “Contact Us” interface on our site; we will be upbeat to help you. Thank you for stopping by Neotravels.